Sunday, April 8, 2012

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Huetiful Hair Steamer

 This is my personal review of the Huetiful Hair Steamer.

   My hair has been neglected for too long, with a family, my own business, and my never-ending "to do" list, I felt that caring for my hair was just another thing to take up time. However, recently my hair has been screaming "don't forget about me" waking me up to the fact that I need to take better care of it. But where to start? Between split ends, Dullness, Itchy scalp, and limpness, it seemed a little overwhelming. 

  I saw a post about a giveaway for the Huetiful Hair Steamer. It's claims were "Huetiful Hair Steamers are specifically designed to resolve the most challenging hair frustrations – dry hair, breakage, split ends, and scalp itch/discomfort"

  So I entered figuring it was worth a shot.........and I won.

  Putting it mildly the Huetiful Hair Steamer is AWESOME! The pictures that follow are my hair "after" the first use. The first thing I noticed was SHINE and it felt so much better than before, and even had alot more body than it has in a looooong time. I actually felt as if I were at a spa! It was VERY easy to set up, my first use took less than an hour including washing, pre-treating my hair as directed for 10 minutes, the steamer setup, hair steaming for 20 minutes, and a facial steam. It was very relaxing, the next time I use it I would love to put a few drops of essential oils in the water as others have done. 

  Things I absolutely LOVED:

 I love the fact that it it so versatile. Even though this product is directed more toward women with curly hair, it worked PERFECTLY for my European hair (straight, fine, med thickness) (although I am looking forward to my curly-haired daughters trying it out as well)

 Also, it has a facial steamer attachment that is wonderful.

It is a great product that gives the ultimate experience at home, and since I am so busy, it saves time that would otherwise be spent on going out to a salon, waiting forever, then spending more than I want for one treatment.

 The shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque worked great. The shampoo is sulfate-free and has tea tree oil in it and smells like tea tree oil. The conditioner and masque are light-weight but very moisturizing and smell like peppermint candy. They definitely add to the relaxing spa effect. 

 Things I would change, recommendations:

   Nothing,  I was really happy with this product.

  Is it worth the $$$?   YES, just a few facials alone would cost over a hundred dollars, yet with this steamer you can get YEARS of use out of it AND get better healthier hair as well.

  Their website ( ) now has the steamer on sale,

  BOTH the Hair Steamer and Facial attachment is only $119.95 (reg price for steamer alone is $134.90)


Steamer $114.95

Facial attachment $19.95

  If you are still debating trying this out, they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee, 45 Day Return Policy, and Free Shipping both ways! Try it out, maybe you will love it as much as me.

  Thanks for reading my review! Check out my photos below. :0)

Disclaimer: I won this product in a giveaway.  I was under no obligation to review it nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product. These are my personal honest opinions of this product.