Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: UGlee Ergonomic Pen

The Great UGlee Ergonomic Pen Review

This is my review of the UGlee Ergonomic Pen that I was given to test and provide my honest thoughts about.

 First off, I love the durability of the pens, I go through pens like there is no tomorrow. I found that it's pretty hard to do much to damage them, they are very forgiving for being thrown in the bottom of my purse (which is a disaster o.0 ) and everywhere else that I end up finding them.

Second, They (as promised) are very comfortable, and they do lessen strain when writing especially for long periods of time. They have a very durable jelly like cover on the body of the pen (not the type that peel off, they are firmly attached, which gives a good grip but very soft for comfort as well.

My final rating is an A.
Reasons being: Very easy to write with. Very comfortable. Lived up to my expectations. The only issue (which really wasn't an issue) was that to get a good flow, you have to keep the pen straighter and i'm more of a  slanted writing girl :)