Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easy Fried Rice Recipe (Thats Healthy)

Here is my famous Healthy Fried Rice I am posting some pics so you can see how easy it is to make :0)

My fried rice :

3-4 cups uncooked rice (This works with many types of rice, my fav is Jasmine, but in these pics I used regular Long Grain White rice.

Oil 1 Tbsp.

water (when adding to rice put enough to cover rice by an inch (no more or it will be gobby) If you didnt add enough water, even if its cooked a little , just add a little more if needed it wont mess up the recipe.

Spices to taste (Garlic Powd, Onion Powd, Cilantro) Many variations, use what you like best!

A good skillet or wok

A Spatula

                                               Below is what it should look like when you put the rice in your skillet on high heat with a little oil (I used Coconut) and stir to coat all the rice this "toasts" the grains and makes for more flavor.
                                      This is what I do to toast my grains until a few are brown I think the flavor is better.
                                      When it is the grains are toasted to your liking (for me about 5 min) Pour the water over the hot rice (careful it steams pretty good  and might burn if your too close) now is the time to put in whatever spices or goodies you want. ( I put garlic power, a touch of cinnamon, sea salt, red pepper powder)
                                        Now leave on Med- High until the water is absorbed (do not stir until all the water is absorbed) This is what it looks like when done! Soft Fluffy Flavorful Rice (all in aprox. 20 min for 3-4 cups uncooked rice)

Serve with anything you want! Great with Stir-Fried veggies, In Tacos, Asian foods, or just as a side to any meal!


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